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Sergei Rzhevskiy

Setting up a Wireguard VPN (on Linux)

A VPN (virtual-private-network) allows you to route all your traffic through a computer. This makes your browsing more secure and you can bypass regional-blocked content. Modern-day options include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, etc. but today I am going to show you why and how to create your own VPN using Wireguard. Why? Have you ever heard VPNs claiming: “Your ISP can see everything you do online!”. Well, I don’t want to spoil… Read More »Setting up a Wireguard VPN (on Linux)

Are vector-databases the new craze?

Unlike traditional databases that use a row-column-architecture, vector-databases use vectors to represent their data. For reference a vector is a 1-dimensional array of numbers like [0.64, 0.32, 0.97]. This means that there isn’t a set grid where the vectors can be placed while still being able to do classical operations. All these vectors get stored in an embedding which is like a room with many dimensions. Each value in a… Read More »Are vector-databases the new craze?