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Excel Function – ACOTH()

  • ilyar126 

Description To calculate the hyperbolic arctangent of a hyperbolic cotangent(number). The Hyperbolic Arctangent is an inverse of a hyperbolic cotangent is a number greater or equal to 1. Syntax ACOTH(number) Examples The results are as follows: References How to calculate Arctangent or ACOT(). If you want to see details what Hyperbolic Tangent is, check here.

Excel Function – ACCRINTM()

  • ilyar126 

Description To calculate the accrued interest for a stock/bond or other security that pays interest at maturity Syntax ACCRINTM(issue, settlement, rate, par, [basis]) Issue: when the security was issues. Date is in entered as DATE() function or a sequential serial number ex: 8/29/2001 is 44437 Settlement: maturity date rate: annual coupon rate par: par value of security; if blank then defaults at $1000 [basis]: 5 types of day counts; this… Read More »Excel Function – ACCRINTM()