Excel Functions Matrix

ABS()Math & TrigonometryReturns absolute value
ACCRINT()FinancialAccrued Interest on a security that pays periodic interest
ACCRINTM()FinancialAccrued Interest on security upon maturity
ACOS()Math & TrigonometryArccosine Calculation
ACOSHMath & TrigonometryHyperbolic Arccosine Calculation
ACOT()Math & TrigonometryArccotangent Calculation
ACOTH()Math & TrigonometryHyperbolic Arccotangent Calculation
AGGREGATE()Math & TrigonometryA subset of subfunctions with options to exclude hidden rows
ADDRESS()Lookup & ReferenceReturns address of a cell in a worksheet
INDIRECT()Lookup & ReferenceReturn value of a referenced cell